Butterz @ Rinse.FM

Big up Scratcha for making this happen!

Download Here, Here and HERE. (MediaFire)


Joker - Snake Eater (Soul Motive 001)

G-Dub - Pure (Grime Forum EP)

Breathe Beats- Takeover (Butterz Special)
Loudmouth - Grime Freestyle (Butterz Special)

Moony - Iron Lung (Dub)

Nu Brand Flexxx Feat Kaos & Flirta D) - Shag Anybody
(Nu Brand Flexx)
Silencer- World War 4 (Underground Unit)

Royal T - World War 4 Remix (Dub)

Devlin Feat Durtty Goodz - Soundboy Murderer (Art of Rolling EP/OT)

Badness - Cut Out (Hardrive 2/Lava Unit)

Bruza - Suck out (Dub)

TRG - Move This (Soul Motive 001)

Wiley- Wearing My Rolex (Niteryders Remix)
Skepta - Tingles (Pirate Sessions Recordings)
Dizzee Rascal- Flex (Dave Spoon Remix)
Spyro - Wow (Dub)
Sway Feat Stush - F Your Ex (Dcypha)
Gemma Fox - Might Be (DJQ Remix)
Smasher - Back In The Day (Bassline Remix) (Beyond The Booth)
Skepta- DTI (VIP Mix) (Dub)
Warlock - Pump it (Gritty Commitee)
J.Beats - Bird Tune Remix (Dub)

Big up everyone that sent in tunes for this, some were good some were bad and some where Butterz. But a few of the guys outside of the tracklisting that did send in tunes I will be shouting you lot back very soon.