Heres a quick update on everything!

The Grime Trinity: GRIMESTORE.COM has opened with some cds to start off with, and over the coming weeks we are going to extend on this with a mixture of old and new products and some exclusive bits from the whole scene. Terror Danjah has produced a podcast exclusively for the forum, which is likely to be in monthly installments with DJ Illness. It is going to be released some time this week, and it's called "The Hardcast", should be massive.

While you read the rest of this blog, you can listen to this quick mix we did for our cousins at Better Never Then Late

Download Here or listen on the player below:

Wiley: I nicked this pretty cool interview from Guardians Podcast where he talks about Rolex, Boy Better Know and the future of grime. One of the best interviews since this promotional campaign started in my opinion. Wiley is NUMBER 4 in the charts of downloads alone, number one next week? Only time will tell! Download HERE
Heres something else I stole I thought it was funny how only two people knew the Wiley "Bang" bars. Also features an interview with Skepta & Bless Beats

Loudmouth: 55 Freestyles Part One- Free download from Aftershock MC/producer who is getting airplay with Badness' "Cut Out" at the moment which he produced, and the follow up "Suck Out" which Spyro is battering right now brings us this collection to remind us that as well being a big producer he is also a top MC.

Download HERE
or check out the medley if you haven't heard of Loudmouth

If this video doesn't get 100,000 hits in the next week or so, I will eat my hat:

Theres been a few topics on the forum about this guy Buggsy, so I thought I would share this tune 1-10 over a classic Rossi B & Luca beat, what do you think?

On Smugpolice's
recommendation I got these babies:
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First mix from them going to be uploaded SOON.

The next one is on 23rd of May (Yes the same day as FWD vs Rinse) and me & Skilliam are playing there alongside some other big names yet to be announced. More information when I know it.

More big news coming, erm SOON.