The GrimeForum.Com Launch Party.

Big up everyone that helped put this together, and the bloggers that have posted it up. Cheers.

Heres some reasoning behind booking all these DJ's for one night:

Logan Sama - If you don't follow his show, every Monday night 11pm - 1am, are you a true grime fan? We have been having discussions for about 4 years on RWD Forum so it is about time something came of it.

- DJs invest so much into the scene and to get booked over, or paid less then someone who makes up an 8 bar in their bedroom is a PAR as Vectra would say. Without consistent bookings, upcoming DJs wont be able to make any moves in the scene. Hopefully with more and more events popping up, they will start booking proper Grime DJs that buy records, and have been for a long time. His radio show Fridays 7-9 on Rinse is a good look as well!

J.Sweet Producers also get over looked bookings wise. There aren't many grime producers that DJ, which is weird compared to the Dubstep, Funky & Bassline scenes as all the producers DJ. I think this is a shift that needs to happen with grime. I don't think it keeps the scene fresh if only 5 DJs are playing good quality Grime on radio. It can be another income stream as vinyl releases are few and far between. If you don't know about J.Sweet he has been doing this from AGGESSS ago. Famous productions include: JME: Deadout, Lethal B- Come Up & You'll Get Wrapped and Scratchy - B.U.N. He is going to be doing a set of his own productions, which won't be for the faint at heart.

Check out this tune:

Spyro - Part of my own personal top 3 selected DJs. On Rinse every Saturday 7-9pm. Shows nuts. Download his 15 minuites murking mix here .

Tootsi - He has been active on the forums for a while now, and his set on Rinse is a good mix of Grime & Dubstep, so thats what he will be playing at Bread. I felt it was important to put established DJ's with lesser known ones to keep line ups fresh. Big up Tootsi!

J.J is the same as Tootsi, has been fully involved with the Grime Forum from day! He is going to be breaking the Grime Forum E.P which is going to be big. Big up J.J all day.

Here is the Facebook Event Group:

To put your name on the List, and to get the location - email
I will email the location a couple of days before the event. But it is in East London.

It will be Very Butterz