I started this blog saying I've seen a lot of weak blogs, but I have also seen LOADS of ones I like. Here are links to my favourites:

- Pretty silly putting this first, he might say im begging. But I agree with most things he said about Dirty Canvas, so I will treat you to a pint one day for that mate. (No Momo)

- These guys keep it grimey, but don't post often enough. They have an online magazine coming soon that I may be part of. Big up Roots.

I dont know much about Prancehall apart from he writes for Vice, hosts a club night called DO IT and DJs. He also enjoys taking shots at Lethal Bizzle and posting random pictures of Jammer. He updates often so check him out.

Last but not least is Hyper Frank. The only one thats not written by a bloke (even though she looks like one) may have the funniest grime pictures on the internet. She is a photoshop DON!

All that should keep you entertained until I return from Holland on Sunday!


If you have ever seen Lethal Bizzle live you would know he is one of the best performers. The London date has Tim Westwood, Ghetto, Fire Camp & N Dubz added to the bill, which is on Thursday 29th November; so order your tickets NOW!

or Lethal Bizzles MySpace for more information.

Tim Westwood has dedicated his Sunday night show to everything UK. When all the kids should be sleeping preparing for Maths at 9am on Monday morning, they have to stay up way past their bedtimes to listen to their favourite MC's. Those that are in bed already, and have missed the show which airs 2200 until 0000 can watch the freestyles back on Youtube. Here are my favourite so far:

Fire Camp:

Chipmunk, Brutal, Shallow, Maverick, Griminal:

Roll Deep:


Boy Better Know: