I didn't film any of the OG's set, which was heavy. Rusko was really good as well.

This is probably my last blog of 2008, so I wish you all a Happy New Year.

2009 = 2000 & Grime.


Its all up now on the Rinse.fm Blogspot. Some bits of classic radio here. Features Scratcha hosting for over 10 hours, and appearances from Durty Goodz, JJ, Vectra, Jendor, Badness, Spyro, Marcus Nasty, Reckless, Butterz and more. One of my favourite segments was Lil Shizznit doing Christmas carols grimey style on the roads.

Here's a little clip I did with Scratcha & Badness in the lobby.

Keep it Rinse.Fm

Merry Christmas all.

Here's a few of my favourite moments from 2008 that were on the blog at some point. Watch it sometime between the Queens Speech and Eastenders.


Here are the big parties over the holiday period, click each flyer for more information. The Forward>> line up is weighty. Get a ticket, this is definitely the last Forward at The End as it is sadly closing for good the next week.


Behind the scenes of Sunglasses at Night video shoot. Also speaks on Microphone Champion which is out March 2009.

Skepta - Sunglasses @ Night from Butterz on Vimeo.

Props to Dane & Mo.

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My favourite MC of all time. In all music.

This is the definitive collection of D Double E's best radio moments from the last 6 years. I have literally grown up on DEE. There has never been an official Dee solo project all this time which is sad, but this should hold us out until the Newham Generals album which should be landing in 2009 sometime, it is long overdue!

The compilation takes us through Grime, Garage and Jungle, and is a showcase of his versatility that not many MC's can compete with. My favourite moment is "Some Next Waifer Beat". Whoevers dubplate that was im sure it is fucked now, because of the dirty reload.

If your favourite MC is not D Double E by the end of this compilation, you are a very hard person to impress.

Props to Grimetapes.com